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We brew, can and bottle your beer without limits.

The 3 essential elements of contract brewing

wij brouwen je bier bij Belgian Contract Brewery

Contract brewing offers you the opportunity to best meet your requirements while closely respecting your brand image!

The Flexibility of Contract Brewing:

This is a significant advantage of contract brewing. It provides you with the opportunity to avail various services to fully meet your requirements.

Contract Brewing for Alcohol-Free Beers: We specialize in brewing alcohol-free beers, especially since they have become popular in the beer market. Furthermore, we offer contract brewing in cans, providing a strategic opportunity to conquer the market with new packaging possibilities. Our production line meets the most demanding criteria for flexibility, especially through a custom brewing process that allows us to split batches into different quantities. We also combine various bottling methods. At Belgian Contract Brewery, we go beyond just brewing beer. We offer personal guidance so that your brewery develops its own unique identity and takes the spotlight.


Large Volumes:

Our brewery currently has the capacity to process orders ranging from 12HL to 500HL using flexible fermentation tanks. We also have ample storage space for your products, covering an area of 5,000m2. Whether it’s small orders or larger projects, our brewery guides and supports you at local, regional, and even international levels.



Contract brewing brings numerous advantages, and at Belgian Contract Brewery, we particularly emphasize the quality of our products. Besides brewing large quantities, there is no compromise on consistency and quality during the production of your recipes. Belgian Contract Brewery has a laboratory supported by the IFS certificate, our gluten-free certificate, and our organic certificate, ensuring a high-quality end product with every brewing session.



Our team of experts is ready to guide you through every part of the production process in the best possible way!

wij brouwen je bier bij Belgian Contract Brewery

Beers Made to Order

The most flexible solution for brewing craft beer under contract.


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