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We brew, can and bottle your beer without limits.

5 reasons to brew to order

wij brouwen je bier bij Belgian Contract Brewery

As a contract brewery, we have specialised knowledge and experience in the brewing process, enabling us to deliver high-quality and consistent results.

Setting up and opening your own brewery is more complex than you might think. The first advantage of custom brewing is leveraging expertise and personal support in creating your products, from design to bottling. Here are 5 reasons to opt for custom brewing:

Budget-Friendly: Brewing your own beer can be a complex and expensive challenge. Finding space, machinery, and the know-how requires significant investments. The best alternative: custom brewing. At Belgian Contract Brewery, we offer you the opportunity to work within our brewery, create and test your own recipes without investing in professional equipment. This allows you to quickly grow in the beer market and understand the real challenges and needs of your brewery!


Capacity: Whether you run a microbrewery or a larger brewery, meeting high demand and managing large volumes can be challenging. Not everyone has the capacity for mass production. Belgian Contract Brewery supports you in meeting high demands while lowering your production costs. We currently have the capacity to process orders from 12HL to 500HL!


Flexibility of Custom Brewing: Relying on a specialized brewery gives you more flexibility! You can create and produce different types of beer without permanently committing to your recipes. This gives your brewery the opportunity to evolve and keep pace with emerging trends in the beer market. Belgian Contract Brewery also offers other services, such as the production of alcohol-free beer, which is in growing demand.


Canning: Cans are trendy, and breweries rarely have a canning line. With cans, you can stand out in the beer market and achieve broader distribution. Belgian Contract Brewery offers this service.


Expertise: In addition to in-depth knowledge of brewing, our brewery has advanced equipment to efficiently meet all your requests. Belgian Contract Brewery guarantees the quality of products for high-quality craft beers.


Conclusion: Explore the exciting world of beer brewing with custom solutions! Belgian Contract Brewery is known for flexibility and the ability to quickly respond to various needs. By entrusting your recipes to us, you are not only assured of high-quality beers but also receive complete personal support. Choose a unique brewing experience with us!

wij brouwen je bier bij Belgian Contract Brewery

Beers Made to Order

The most flexible solution for brewing craft beer under contract.


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