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wij brouwen je bier bij Belgian Contract Brewery
We brew, can and bottle your beer without limits.


We can handle orders from 12 hl to 500 hl.

It is not possible to order an exact volume. When you place an order, you reserve a tank with 15 hl, 30 hl, 60 hl or 120 hl. Depending on the matrix of the beer and the desired operations, the volume may be higher or lower.

However, we apply a maximum deviation of 15%.

On batches of 5 000 litres and more, we guarantee standard TPO values of 50 ppb on cans and 100 ppb on bottles. For certain types of beer, we can even lower the oxygen values.

Yes. Even the smallest volume can be split into different packaging. Two types of bottle, bottle and can, bottle and keg,… All combinations are possible.

We recommend a minimum of 10 hl per packaging to guarantee the lowest possible oxygen content.

We develop recipes for our customers and then release the ingredients free of charge. Process parameters are considered trade secrets and are not released.

The same applies to recipes that are modified at the customer’s request.

Depending on the period in the year, the schedule can get quite full. This is why we ask our existing customers to place their orders 4 months before the desired delivery date. An exception is of course made for new customers, and a production can be delivered sooner.

Always take into account a brewing-to-delivery lead time of 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the type of beer.

We also keep 20% of our capacity free for urgent orders, so that we can always help our customers in need.

To familiarise yourself with our team and our way of working, you can follow a one-off brew of your own beer. However, it is not possible to operate the machines yourself or to assist during the production process.

Our team consists of professionals who perfectly master the process and craft of brewing.

As we aim to build a long-term collaboration with our customers based on mutual trust, we communicate in a transparent way.

Not only can you follow a brew once, you can also request a technical data sheet for each batch, giving you immediate insight into the technical specifications of your product.

Still in doubt? We are happy to give you the contact details of external laboratories where you can carry out independent checks on your product.

BCB is a contract brewery with a team that specialises in producing high-quality beers. Distribution and sales would distract us from our mission and speciality. Therefore, we cannot offer these services.

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