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wij brouwen je bier bij Belgian Contract Brewery
We brew, can and bottle your beer without limits.


Dutch Bargain

Marc Menue (CEO)
As a young and fast-growing brewery, we were quickly looking for contract breweries to work with. After a few "failed collaborations," we came into contact with Wouter from BCB in 2018. Since then, we have been brewing (part of) our core range beers together with great pleasure.

BCB has also been a young and fast-growing company in the last years. We have actually gone through a growth trajectory together. Our feedback has always been taken on board, so we have been working together satisfactorily for years. A partner means thinking along with each other in good times and bad.

By continuing to invest in their internal organization, BCB has become a professional in every way. The quality of the end product is a given for them, and if something unexpected happens in the natural process, they are flexible in dealing with it. With their different filling lines and the variety of tank sizes, they can handle many different, including specific, requests.

In short, a satisfied customer.

La Licquoise

Delphin Boulogne (CEO)
My collaboration with BCB started in 2016.

A first brew of 500 L, then 1200 L and now 40 hl brews. Flexibility is one of the main assets of the brewery.
Passionate and competent, Wouter VERMEERSH has been able to surround himself with people and create an efficient and structured SME.
Our constructive meetings have always enabled us to understand each other’s problems and to move forward together.

The success of La Licquoise, which is recognised today on the Opal Coast, is undoubtedly due to the quality of the work done by BCB.

Galea Craft Beers

Giovanni Christis (CEO)
I am very satisfied with the cooperation with BCB. 
Fluent communication and high brewing quality of the beers I have developed!

Their flexibility enables me to produce a wide range of beer styles. Owning a filling line for cans is also a big plus.


Alexander Parmentier (Director)
BCB is a contract brewery that delivers accurate and high-quality products.

On top of that, you also receive flexible service from the friendly managers and employees.


wij brouwen je bier bij Belgian Contract Brewery

Beers Made to Order

The most flexible solution for brewing craft beer under contract.


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