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We brew, can and bottle your beer without limits.



Product development

Every recipe that comes to the brewers passes through the hands of product development beforehand, where it is checked in detail in consultation with the customer and adjusted if necessary for the benefit of the final beer.

wij brouwen je bier bij Belgian Contract Brewery

Customers can come to us to create a new recipe, reverse-engineer an existing beer or check and adjust an existing recipe.

In collaboration with the lab, product development creates recipes for both beer, non-alcoholic beers and, if desired, other drinks. This is always done in close consultation with the customer.


Quality lab

BCB does not only focus strongly on QC, there are the daily quality controls and also on QA.

wij brouwen je bier bij Belgian Contract Brewery
j eigen bier brouwen met brouwerij bcb in west-vlaanderen
wij brouwen je bier bij Belgian Contract Brewery

As a result, we now have the IFS quality label and are allowed to produce gluten-free and organic products.

The quality lab carries out entry checks on raw materials, validates finished beer before departure and analyses external beers at the customer’s request.


Brewing hall

As a contract brewery, it is important for us to be able to offer the highest flexibility. This requires investment across the entire process, including in the brewing hall.

wij brouwen je bier bij Belgian Contract Brewery

The brewing hall was developed to be able to brew different batch sizes without compromising the consistency of the final product.

Any specialty beer, non-alcoholic beer, organic beer or gluten-free… you ask, we brew.


Fermentation & lagering

A flexible fermentation park allows us to process orders from 12 hl to 500 hl.

wij brouwen je bier bij Belgian Contract Brewery wij brouwen je bier bij Belgian Contract Brewery

With the exception of spontaneous, bacterial and mixed fermentation, our customers are free to brew with the yeasts they prefer.

Fermentation is followed by an extended period of lagering depending on the type of beer or non-alcoholic beer being produced at the time.

During fermentation and/or lagering, dry hopping can be applied, juices or purees can be added and spices and macerates can be added. Here we avoid oxygenation at all times.


Beer preparation

After lagering, all beers and non-alcoholic beers are centrifuged then conditioned.

wij brouwen je bier bij Belgian Contract Brewery

Our team of experienced beer preparers ensures that every beer is brewed according to the customers’ wishes.

Here, beer preparation has the important task of guaranteeing the consistency of the final product. The same product, regardless of seasons, vintage, volume or packaging, and that every batch.


Bottling plant

Thanks to the bottling plant's machinery, we can safely call ourselves the most flexible brewery in Belgium.

wij brouwen je bier bij Belgian Contract Brewery

Thanks to our extremely flexible bottle line, canning line and keg filler, we can process virtually any packaging. Here brews even of 12 hl can be split into different packaging forms.

We guarantee extremely low oxygen uptake during filling, which enables us to keep your product’s properties stable for longer and extend its shelf life.

Furthermore, we offer customers the option of conditioning beers with or without secondary fermentation in the bottle and we offer the option of nitrogen or argon dosing for making nitro or argon beer.


Other activities

wij brouwen je bier bij Belgian Contract Brewery

Besides brewing beers and non-alcoholic beers, you can also come to us to make your soft drinks, cider, wine or other alcoholic and non-alcoholic products.

Our sales department can help you with this.

Beers Made to Order

The most flexible solution for brewing craft beer under contract.


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