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Establishment of the brewery under the name Brewery Eutropius.

In 2011, the brewery was founded in Heule with the business plan of brewing own brands, packaged in 75cl bottles and aimed at local sales.

The area of the brewery was 175 m² and the batches had a volume of 5 hl and 10 hl.


Wouter Vermeersch starts as master brewer

A year after its establishment, the brewery called on the brewing expertise of current director and CEO Wouter Vermeersch.

The decision was taken to shift the focus, in addition to producing its own brands, to producing under contract, contract brewing.

At the time, the annual volume was 300 hl.


Brewing couple Barbara Pratz and Wouter Vermeersch completely take over the brewery

Barbara and Wouter’s vision is that today, it is only possible to start up a successful brewery with an unlimited budget, investing in both production and commercialisation of the brands. Without a foundation and structure, it is difficult to maintain focus, so it is better to separate the two parts.

To further roll these out from Barbara and Wouter, the decision was taken in 2014 to put the full focus on contract brewing of beers, then only with secondary fermentation in the bottle. From then on, the brewery (then called Brewery Eutropius) acted as an exclusive complementary partner for brand owners.


Move brewery location from Heule to Menen

Due to the brewery’s success, the building in Heule became too small and the brewery relocated to Menen, where it is still located today.

The surface area of the brewery increased from 175 m² to 1500 m² which offered prospects for further growth.

At that time, the brewery brewed volumes ranging from 12 hl to 24 hl per batch. The capacity was 1500 hl.


New production plant.

To further meet demand, a new brewing hall was commissioned in 2018, the tank farm was expanded while a new bottle line and can line were installed.

This gave the brewery a capacity of 8 000 hl, brewed by batches of 12 hl, 24 hl and 48 hl.



In the first months of the pandemic, the brewery obtained the necessary licences for the production of decontamination alcohol in a very short time and switched production partly to this.

At the same time, the brewery began producing alcohol-free beer, which subsequently proved to be a hit.


Further commitment to flexibility and quality

During the rest of the corona crisis, the focus was on further expansion of the quality system. The brewery obtained IFS certification, and obtained the necessary certificates to produce gluten-free and organic beers and non-alcoholic beers.

The brewery’s capacity currently stands at 25 000 hl.


Eyes on the future

With the purchase of a new building, the brewery has its eyes on the future.

To reinforce the brewery’s B2B character, and focus on its flexibility, the name Brewery Eutropius was replaced by BCB.

Beers Made to Order

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