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A new identity: the start of the sequel

A name change is not an evident process for a business. Changing a name has a profound impact, be it personal names, company names or any other name.
It needs to be done thoughtfully and with the necessary preparation.

In this blog article, we would like to take a closer look at our own identity and why we made our name change.

From Eutropius Brewery to BCB

The name “Eutropius” was initially chosen by the founders of the brewery for its link with Heule, the place where everything started for us and where St Eutropius is the patron saint. Apart from this reference, however, there is no link to beer, the brewery or the industry. Moreover, the name has little international allure and we find that suppliers who have been supplying our brewery for years often still mispronounce the name.

Time for a name change

So, on June 2th 2023 at exactly 8.30 pm, we pronounced our new name in public for the first time: BCB.

As Wouter Vermeersch (director) himself said, “Belgian Contract Brewery, Brewing Canning Bottling, Belgian Contract Brewers, Bold Craft Brewers, … We are all of them and using 1 of the above descriptions would detract from our capabilities. And that’s why from today we are called BCB, a name as flexible as the company behind it.”

And along with the name change, of course, came a complete rebranding.


Visualisations in the brewing industry are typified by the colours brown, yellow and black.
Given that our operations already set us apart from other breweries, we thought it was a logical consequence that our branding also looked different.
Like our new name, we felt it was necessary to make our entire branding meaningful.
Our choice therefore fell on the colour blue, which conveys stability and strength, loyalty, expertise and honesty. Properties that are very important in our branch and match the company’s values: “POERE” (passion, ownership, entrepreneurship, respect and excellence).

In addition, we developed an icon, which should enhance BCB’s recognisability by incorporating the letters BCB in 1 whole.
Our intention is for this icon to become our landmark, in other words, for everyone to know it’s about our brewery when they see this “B” appear.

Besides our name, icon and colour, we have a 4th component in the logo, namely the baseline.
“contract brewers”, simple & clear.

Together with the entire BCB team, we look forward to what the future has to offer us. With a name & corporate identity we fully support, we are already looking forward to it!

More info on our history and what milestones came before?
Check out our history page!


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